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My name is Vanina Walsh and I'm a Professional Ocean Athlete. I live in Hawaii and enjoyed being a Roxy Girl, but I am now developing my own brand called Vanina Collection. It should launch soon. 

Some of my most memorable accomplishments are:
*SUP Jr. Pro 2013 1st Place
*Stand Up Paddle World Tour Hawaii 2012, 2nd place in the Women's Division
*Battle of the Paddle California 2011, 1st place in the Girls Division
*Battle of the Paddle Hawaii 2011, 1st place in the Girls Division
*Hawaii Nose Riding Championship 2010, 1st place
* Starboard International Dream Team Member

Being a Surfer Girl is the dream of so many young girls and I am so lucky to live my dream. Follow me on my Facebook fan page and on Twitter for daily updates. Mahalo Nui, Vanina
Collection Launching Soon
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Summer is always here when you’re a Roxy Girl. That means lots of lazy, hazy days on the beach spending your time Surfing, SUP Paddling and playing in the ocean. If you’re a Roxy Girl, it also means you do your best to be daring have confidence, natural beauty and fun to enhance your active, Roxy-inspired lifestyle. The product lines reflect the Roxy spirit, incorporating surf, sand and snow.

Roxy, owned by surf wear and board sport gear manufacturer Quiksilver, has already boosted its brand recognition offline with a strong retail presence. After opening its first location in Hawaii in 1997, the chain now boasts more than 600 stores globally. Its brick-and-mortar M.O. has paid off: 89 percent of all girls between the ages of 13 and 19 nationally know the Roxy brand (and it’s the top California-style surf brand among the same demographic).

Even though Quiksilver was already an established, authentic surf company, women surfers and snowboarders just didn’t get as much press as their XY-chromosome counterparts. So it was important right from the get-go for Quiksilver to establish the Roxy brand’s estrogen-driven identity when it kicked off the women’s swimwear/sportswear line in 1990.

Toward that end (and maybe with a little divine intervention from Kahuna himself), the Roxy crest was derived from the Quiksilver wave-on-a-mountain logo. The Roxy version is simply two mirror images of the Quiksilver logo placed together to form a heart, adding a feminine touch to the already recognizable Quiksilver symbol.

This logo appears prominently on the Roxy homepage, perched atop the continually rotating opening image. One week it sits confidently on a wave’s crest, as a wetsuit-clad warrior takes on the Big One; another week, it may oversee surfer Sally Fitzgibbons riding a camel, surfboard under her arm. Superimposed on top of the salty spray and desert sands are the ROXY letters, exuding daring and confidence through their all-caps typography. Aesthetically pleasing aquas and greens are splashed throughout the site, evocative of a sun-soaked day riding the waves.
Roxy Girls are fresh-faced and confident and don’t strike overly sensual poses that exhibit the “come hither� lip purse that usually accompanies a girls-in-bathing-suits pictorial. After all, according to Roxy’s own brand directive, “natural beauty goes beyond sexiness—a Roxy girl doesn’t need to try to look sexy.� 

Roxy is the largest corporate sponsor of women’s surfing worldwide, and so Roxy-branded extreme events are an integral part of the offline brand’s identity. These events are incorporated prominently into the site. Looking for adventure? Check out the links to Roxy surf camps and sports competitions. This month in the spotlight: Roxy Jam Biarritz, a cultural and musical festival held in July on the Basque Coast. Cruising for a creative outlet? Dress up a tankini or bring your own flavor to board shorts in the Design-a-Roxy-Bikini contest or head over to Roxy’s dedicated music area, which is regularly updated with new songs and artists deemed “Roxy material.�
It goes without saying that a Roxy girl is in the know and Internet-intelligent. The site’s news section and blog keep the good times (and information) coming. Roxy’s online presence is bolstered by links to its personalized Facebook, MySpace and YouTube pages, and girls can sign up for a free subscription to Roxy’s ongoing podcasts, which showcase the brand’s snow and surf team riders ripping it up around the world.

Quiksilver is surely stoked about how well its female-focused offshoot has done. The economy may be tanking right now, but Roxy’s strong offline identity, complemented by its energetic online presence, will ensure it keeps cleaning up while its daring demographic tries not to wipe out.
Exciting news coming out of the Starboard Headquarters today, it is with great pleasure that we introduce the latest member to our Starboard International Dream Team, young Vanina Walsh. Vanina resides in Hawaii where she has been practicing, competing and living out her passion as a SUP Surfer, Racer and Roxy Girl.

Vanina has many accomplishments to date, but probably one of the biggest was the 2nd place finish in the Womens Division of the Stand Up World Tour in Hawaii (2012). Other highlights of Vaninas young career are: 1st place in the Girls Division of BOP (2011), 1st place in the Girls Division of BOP Hawaii (2011), and 1st place in the Hawaii Nose Riding Championship (2010).

We are excited and looking forward to having Vanina on our Team in 2013 and with her personality and skills, she will bring enthusiasm and a lot of new, young riders into the sport of SUP.

Congratulations Vanina Walsh and welcome to the team!
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